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The Caribbean

Border Region Fueled by Trade

Trade in the Caribbean
Sailing ship Lady Washington, which portrayed the HMS Interceptor in the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” movie. (Photo courtesy of Gray’s Harbor Historical Seaport, which owns the ship. Photo by Rick Horn)

The history of Caribbean trade connecting different parts of the world.

The Caribbean as a Border Region
Political map of the Caribbean from

An exploration the ways in which the Caribbean acts as a border region surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Significance of Caribbean
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Israel De Alba (A Britannica Publishing Partner)

A conclusive analysis defining the ways the Caribbean trade defined the region as a border-land.


This website aims to provide evidence that the Caribbean is a border region. border regions are often thought of as the areas surrounding lines which separate places. The research provided in this website suggests that the Caribbean is in fact a border region, though an unconventional one.

The Caribbean played a unique role in trade throughout history. Had this trade not occurred, the borders seen in other parts of the world may not have been drawn the way they are today. Additionally, there are elements of the Caribbean that are consistent with other border regions. This website makes a case for the development of the Caribbean as a border region through the act of trade. Although surrounded by water, the Caribbean behaves as a border region between many parts of the world.